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Turnout in France expected higher as first voters flock to polling stations

Turnout has been slowing down in Europe and France since the first elections back in 1979. A surge in participation could come as a surprise.

Only 42,4 % of voters showed up 5 years ago in France for European elections, but this rate should jump higher this time, last polls show. French government and president Macron have joined the campaign very late, but all insisted on the need to vote. Opposition has called to make this election a referendum against Macron, and this could also explain why more voters might hit polling stations.

34 lists may be a bit too much for citizen to be able to chose, and polls also show that a lot of voters still wondered what to vote for.

Environment, a growing issue for French voters

But one thing is sure, environmental issue will be key in France, as it has been in Ireland where Greens already won the elections with 23 % of votes. Others parties like La France Insoumise or Place publique have also put environment in the center of their campaign, and last climate demonstration on Friday showed the mobilisation is still strong.

It’s also the first time the Animal Party start being a subject of interest for voters, though their chance to hit the 5 % threshold is inexistent.


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