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European elections

Member states pretend not to hear MEPs on tax issues

The European Parliament has made a tremendous work on tax issues. The digital tax failed because member states lack political will. The European Parliament has a long tradition of extending its powers by grabbing new…

French right wing rewards laziness

Ex-ministers don’t make good MEPs as they do not even try to mingle at EP.  Les Republicains do not seem to care.  “Please send experienced MEPs to the  European Parliament ” Angela Merkel asked Les Republicains when she met with their leader, Laurent Wauquiez….

Refugees welcome : the magic German recipe

Germany has managed to thwart populism by welcoming 1,2 millions refugees. As Europeans, it should be natural to look at our neighbors’ achievements. Take the asylum policy. The migration issue is a headache for every…

Europe, the last crusade of writers

A manifesto from European writers to save Europe could have get more attention, Angélique Mounier-Kuhn argues. “Europe? It’s an invention of writers”, used to say German author Heinrich Mann. Now they are coming out to…


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