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French candidate attacked by climate deniers

Despite the Paris Agreement and all the research by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), some people in France still think climate change is an opinion. And one of them has a TV show.

The head of NGO Bloom, Claire Nouvian, is  a candidate on left-wing list PS-Place publique for the European elections in France. She has been fighting against climate change and for environmental issues for ages, and was invited to speak about those topics on a French TV channel, CNews.

But instead of having a chance to introduce her ideas, she was strongly attacked by a climate deniers team.

“You sell a religion about climate, and, listening to you, we should dive into civil war, put millions of jobs in danger because apocalypse is coming” Elisabeth Levy, a journalist from right wing publication Causeur told her.

“I think you are very ridiculous”, then hammered out the journalist organising the show, Pascal Praud.

“This is the city where we signed Paris Agreement, in which scientists explain we have until 2030 to fight against climate change. I have been working on climate for 25 years”, tried to answer Claire Nouvian.

“Maybe you have been wrong for 25 years”, angrily said Pascal Praud.

The European election candidate was also called “hysterical” and accused of being too proud of herself, in clearly sexist attacks.

She reacted with a video and a hashtag #JeSuisFolleDeRage, calling voters to rise against climate scepticism and sexist attacks. But both of them are quite common during the campaign.

In UK, back in 2014, a Parliament committee tried to understand why the BBC allowed so many climate deniers to speak, and asked for a more balanced coverage. In France, the superior audiovisual council  CSA keeps being asked by citizen to act about sexism and climate denial. It does not make it move a finger. The National Assembly does not seem to be concerned either.

Maybe it’s time to find a EU level action mechanism against climate change denial and sexism.

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  1. Jean-Pierre ROBERT | May 9, 2019 at 6:22 am | Reply

    Etes-vous certain que ce personnage a sa carte de presse, il est surtout la voix son maitre.

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