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Bardella, a real candidate suspected of having had a fake EP job

Jordan Bardella on France 3 channel, 21/04/19

The main candidate of National Rally for European elections, Jordan Bardella is only 24 years old. But he is already suspected of fraud. Back in 2015, he appeared on the pay-roll of MEP Jean-Francçois Jalkh, according to French newspaper Challenges. He might have been part of the embezzlement case of public funds in which the French justice is suing 10 National Rally MEPs.

“Someone is trying to smear my candidacy,” said Jordan Bardella. But something is weird: he never mentioned this student job at the EP during the campaign, or on his biography, or anywhere. Having worked at the EP when you want to be an MEPs is nothing to be ashamed of. Being a student in Paris and running from Brussels to Strasbourg, even part-time, is challenging. Except if… he didn’t do it.

On France 3 TV, Bardella confirmed he had been a parliamentary assistant “during (his) second year of university”, “for “4 months” and “part-time”, for a salary of “1,200 euros per month”. He did not explain how an unskilled student may earn twice the minimum wage rate. Besides, according to Challenges his salary was 10,444 euros between 16 February to 30 June 2015.

Milking the EU cash cow: the National rally mafia

According to ex-FN MEP Sophie Montel, who joined Farage’s group, Marine Le Pen was one of the main instigator of a a system that siphoned EU money to the profit of National Front. She talked to the judges on the issue for the first time last week. The European Parliament is complaining that its funds paid National Front employees that didn’t have anything to do at the EP.

“We are coming”, the strange tagline of National Rally

Fake jobs with the European Parliament are not an exclusive of the French far-right. This practice has also affected other parties like Modem in France : previous Macron ministries François Bayrou and Marielle de Sarnez had to resign because of the same issue.

But for National Rally, the problem seems to be much bigger: it’s more of a mafia system. And it’s not even a problem at all for NR politicians.

Among the candidates for the upcoming European elections, three of them are indicted for fictitious jobs at EP: Dominique Bilde, Catherine Griset and Nicolas Bay.


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