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A Danube island raise questions about the Romanian commissioner

MEPs already express doubts about the past of Rovana Plumb, who is supposed to become Transport commissioner in the new European commission.

The Danube and its islands, the thousands of birds of the delta of the longest river in Europe represent one of the most popular facets of Romania. However, the region is coming into the spotlight for another reason in the European Parliament. The Romanian candidate for the post of Commissioner, Rovana Plumb, might be implicated in an obscure case concerning the Belina island, one of those beautiful islands well-known for fishing.

The state reportedly took over the site to rent it to a private structure in exchange for bribes, and the candidate could be involved in the case as Liviu Dragnea, previous head of socialist party now in jail for corruption and fraud about European funds. Rovana Plumb, who was close to Liviu Dragnea, has never been challenged by the Romanian courts. But only because she enjoyed parliamentary immunity from being a member of parliament. “Parliamentary immunity in Romania goes a little far,” admits a Romanian MEP who has been very upbeat on the subject.
Rovana Plumb had difficulty being imposed by her country, and Ursula von der Leyen having asked to submit further candidatures – without much success.
The European Parliament is therefore preparing to examine this candidacy very closely.
The Renew party, whose leader is none other than former Commissioner Dacian Ciolos, has thus expressed its “doubts” on his profile.

“Rovana Plumb has allegedly been implicit in several cases of corruption in Romania, cases that due to parliamentary immunity have not been investigated by the courts. We hope that the appearance of the candidate before the European Parliament will serve to clear up any shadow of corruption” said Spanish MEP José Ramón Bauzá.

The Commissioner’s hearings are scheduled to start on October 1.

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